King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)
    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is the latest interpretation of the classic Arthurian legend. Here, we find a much different Arthur than we are used to; this is a more modern, street wise take than that of Nigel Terry in Excalibur (1981), Richard Harris in Camelot (1967) or even Clive Owen in King Arthur (2004) 

  With Guy Ritchie at the helm, this movie has a very unique feel. The movie ends up being a mixed bag; it feels like a cross between 80’s sword and sorcery flicks and Snatch (2000) in one scene you have castle sized elephants and magic mages laying siege to Camelot; and in the next you have a snarky, comical back and forth between Arthur and the Captain of the Guard. These two genres and tones rarely gel, leaving a film that feels disjointed.

   Ultimately, it is a fun, harmless film that won’t leave a lasting impression. Charlie Hunnam does a fine job as Arthur; while he doesn’t feel like King Arthur, he has a fun, sarcastic personality that’s enjoyable to watch. Jude Law does a good job as the villain of the movie, but doesn’t end up having too much to do. And is it me, or do the villains costumes remind you of the villains in Willow (1988)?

The rest of the cast is fine, Aiden Gillen and Djimon Hounsou are both likable and play their roles well. The only miscast in my opinion, is the Mage, a Merlin stand-in played by Astrid Berges-Frisby. I think they were trying for a mystical, disconnected feel, but it came across as bad acting and delivery.

    By far the best part of this film is everything involving the sword Excalibur. From the swords design, the way the sword wound up in the stone, and the way they showcased the swords power. This is by far the most powerful we’ve seen Excalibur on film, and it’s fun to watch.

   Overall, this film is a fun popcorn flick that’s a tad disjointed. It’s the perfect redbox rental, but don’t set your hopes too high. 


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