17 years, 7 films, (9 if you count the cameos in First Class and Apocalypse), Hugh Jackman protract his claws in his final outing as Wolverine in Logan. And what a bang to go out on. Fans of the Xmen and Wolverine have been saying since the inception of the Xmen film franchise, that the film adaptation has been a bit tame for a brutal character whose comic tag-line is, “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice.” Understandably, with a fan base that extends to younger viewers, studios have to restrict what is allowed on-screen in order to appease the MPAA so that more people have accessibility thus spending more money. But! As Deadpool has shown, when you give the character the full justice they deserve as they are written, the fans will rejoice and spend the money.

Having said that, Logan is rated R for a very good reason. The film holds nothing back in terms of violence and language. People sensitive to these things should be warned. We see heads ripped off, blood spewed, arms and legs sliced apart, and just about every other imaginable thing you can think of with anyone who has a set of indestructible adamantium claws.

Logan is loosely based on a Marvel graphic novel, Old Man Logan. Having never read the series, I can’t offer how the film adaptation differs from its printed counterparts. The film, however, is set in the near future, 2029 where mutants have been nearly eradicated save for a few like Professor X aka Charles Xavier, Caliban, and of course Logan. Logan’s healing factor has been gradually decreasing thus allowing age to finally catch up and his wounds no longer heal as quick as they used to. Keeping the spoilers to a minimum, Logan is forced against his wishes to care for a young girl with very similar powers and bring her to safety.
That girl is who comic fans would know as X-23. All I have to say is, if you think Wolverine is an animal, wait til you see this little girl in action. I’d love to know how the casting process went to find the perfect person because they, in my opinion, couldn’t have done any better than Dafne Keen. From insane stunts to heartfelt dramatic scenes, I think we will be seeing her more in the near future. Fans are already pitching Fox to produce her own X-23 movie. I believe that says a lot.

Patrick Stewart aka Professor X gives quite a performance as well. Pulling off an ailing man whose powerful mind suffers from increasing and worsening seizures from which only Logan has the abilities to withstand in order to help.
This is considered by Stewart to be his last outing as Professor X, though recently he has expressed he would gladly return if to be able to work with Ryan Reynolds in future Deadpool installments.

The villains, Reavers they are called, aren’t given much depth. However, enough is given to bring clarity to the backstory of the young girl and linking the entire narrative to Logan’s past. Which is seen in earlier X-men installments.

Overall, Logan is one of the best of the Xmen franchise, or even superhero movies in general. The action is superb but grounded with believability even though it’s very graphic. The drama scenes are emotional and surprisingly heartfelt. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t choke up a little. Thank you, Hugh Jackman, for giving us an incredible ride with a great performance that is Wolverine.

Oh.. I know I said this earlier, but it is rated R for a reason.

Featured image courtesy of Fox Studios.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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