After nearly 30 years of development, Martin Scorsese finally finishes what is being dubbed as his passion project, Silence. Based on an acclaimed novel of the same name, a story of two christian missionaries who come to the ultimate test of faith in search of their missing mentor in feudal Japan during a time when Christianity was outlawed and those who practiced it suffered severe persecution.

Silence is a brutal look at the testing of faith. It will challenge your understanding of both the responsibility to God and human nature. Questions like, would you save others from persecution even if that means you renouncing your faith publicly. It challenges the very notion of martyrdom. It’s more than just asking if you will suffer for your faith. It is asking are you willing to let others suffer and die for your faith. Denying your faith to save those who you have devoted your life’s mission to is not an easy answer.

I really enjoyed the deep questions Silence proposes. From someone who was once deeply entrenched in western evangelical ideologies, its movies like Silence that reminds me of the importance to be open-minded, and see through the eyes of another person regardless of their beliefs.

On the technical side, one of the first things I noticed was how incredibly gorgeous each shot was. Each frame is artistically shot. Definitely a contender for best cinematography in the upcoming Oscars.

Andrew Garfield is continuing to prove his caliber as an actor in a lead role. From 2015’s 99 Homes to Hacksaw Ridge and now Silence. I expect to see Garfield’s name added to the list of oscar nominees for Best Actor.

If the film struggles in anything, it would be that its run time is over two and half hours. I can imagine with some moments, some people may feel like it’s a bit somnolent. But with Scorsese’s long successful career consisting of many iconic films like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Oscar-winning The Departed, and before Silence, a highly praised DiCaprio led Wolf of Wall Street. I don’t think Scorsese really cares what people think of his runtime, and Silence kind of proves that.


Featured image courtesy of Paramount pictures.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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