Doctor Strange

About 2 years ago, Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as the title role of Doctor Strange. And in my honest Noble opinion, the casting couldn’t have been more perfect. After seeing Benedict as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC miniseries Sherlock, I was amazed with his capabilities as an actor and the charisma he brings to his characters.

Now, as Marvel continues to expand its universe and adds a new hero to its roster leading up to a highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity Wars. Doctor Strange takes us to the mystical, spiritual side of the Marvel Universe. Following Stephen Strange, an acclaimed doctor with an inflated ego, who loses his ability to use his hands after a terrible car accident. After several feeble attempts to restore the use of his hands through western medicine, Strange seeks the wisdom of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) in the East and discovers the truth of the universe (or the multiverse) that goes far beyond his capacity considering how brilliant he believes himself to be.

This is a brilliant addition to the continuing expansion of the Marvel universe. The only real complaint, if there is even any, is maybe that Doctor Strange follows the similar formula that their other films uses in developing their heroes. But that’s me reading into what other “professional” critics have to say. And who really cares what critics have to say right?

The cast is incredible. I really can go on and on about Benedict and how perfect his casting for the role was. Seriously, if you have little knowledge of him, when you finish with reading this little review of mine, get on Netflix and watch BBC’s Sherlock. Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen are phenomenal at playing diverse characters. Definitely looking forward to seeing a continuation of Chiwetel Eijofor as Baron Mordo since he has a close relationship to Strange.

The other highlight is the incredible special effects displayed in this film. Basically taking Inception and infusing it with steroids while trying to view it all through a kaleidoscope. From the fight scenes to the folding cityscape of New York to the realm of the Dark Dimension. Wielding magical relics like Strange’s cape to opening gateways to the top of Everest, Doctor Strange takes complete advantage of the ever-evolving special effects without stepping out of the bounds of realism.

Doctor Strange is the perfect film to see on the big screen and probably worth seeing in 3D. I’m incredibly excited to see Strange join the Avengers and even more so standing side by side with Iron Man.
Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios