Don’t Breathe

Horror films is not my go to when it comes to the big screen but the ratings were pretty high and the premise seemed a bit promising. Don’t Breathe is a tale of 3 young robbers who break into an old Iraq veteran who happens to be blind. Of course, there’s more and I’ll refrain from spoilers here.


One of the things I really appreciated was the simplicity of the story allowing the audience to be caught in the moment without all the boring exposition. And caught in the moment I was. I think I held my breath more than the leading cast held theirs. And there wasn’t any overt gore for the sake of shock value. Those things have their place but not in this movie. Just a pure white knuckled ride from beginning to end.
Stephen Lang (known for Colonel Miles in Avatar) is fantastic as the blind vet the poor hapless souls that decided to plunder his home. Having a Shakespearean background, Lang knew how to bring an incredible amount of intensity to a character that barely say any words.
Even though there isn’t much characterization for the leads opposite of Lang’s blind man, they, especially Jane Levy, are solid. Levy, who has her share of leading lady in the last pseudo remake Evil Dead, gets the most to work with and gives her character, Rocky, layers of nuance.
Director Fede Alveraz takes a subgenre of horror, the home invasion, and imbues it with possibilities. Coming off of a highly successful remake of Evil Dead, Fede is gaining steam in being recognized as a solid horror director among the likes of James Wan and Eli Roth. Now Don’t Breathe has taken over the box office from Suicide Squad and garnered a very positive review from professional critics and movie goers alike. All eyes are on him to see what he does next.
One of the main reasons why I shy from seeing horror flicks on the big screen was obnoxious young adults. They usually show up in these kind of movies. I’ve heard stories from friends who saw this movie express disdain over this very issue. But, I caved and decided to see it. Fortunately I was lucky this time and had a very good time. In my honest Noble opinion, Don’t Breathe is well worth it at the big screen.


Featured image with Stephen Lang and Dylan Minnete courtesy of Sony

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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