Jason Bourne

Matt Damon has returned to the role that put him on the spotlight as a viable action star, Jason Bourne. Since the last one, Bourne Legacy, was a bit of a dud. Not that it was bad, but it couldn’t deliver the prowess of the Bourne Trilogy thus making it a forgettable film and a box office disappointment.

What made the Bourne trilogy fun and exciting to watch was that as we watch some incredible fight sequences, car chases, and solid action sets, we were riding along the journey of Bourne discovering himself after suffering a severe case of amnesia and realizing that he could kill someone with a pencil with ease. When Ultimatum came to end, Jason got all the answers, and so did we.

And here is where, in my honest opinion, Jason Bourne falters. Even though, there were pretty sweet action scenes. The car chase scene in Vegas spiked up the adrenaline rush. The story felt a bit rehashed. As if the writers had no other ideas. When the trilogy came to a complete, Jason learned everything about himself. And come to find out, there was a missing piece to the puzzle. And one particular information learned in Ultimatum (omitted for spoilers sake) was wrong. To me, it felt tacky and lazy. They couldn’t even come up with a name for the movie, just the title character.

Now, at this point I feel like I’m just trashing the film. It was enjoyable for what it was. I personally held up the Bourne trilogy to a high regard, and I guess I held up higher expectations and a sense of restoration from what they tried to do with the previous not Bourne/ Bourne movie. Just my honest Noble opinion.

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Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

One thought on “Jason Bourne”

  1. Great review! I don’t think you are trashing the film at all (though we totally did in our review)! Paul Greengrass is just too reliant on shaky-cam. I couldn’t tell what was going on in the action sequences!


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