The Infiltrator

One of my most anticipated film of this year has been released a couple of weeks ago. (I apologize for the delay, had some incredible people come to visit and was unable to take the time to write this). I was highly excited because well one, I’m a huge fan of Bryan Cranston and two, I actually had an oppurtunity to play a background role in this movie. However, the scene I was in was evidently cut out. Probably due to time constraint.

If there’s anything to be said about this film is the performances of the leads, and especially the face of the film Bryan Cranston. The Infiltrator is a character piece delving into the psyche of the main character Robert Mazur, an undercover agent responsible for uncovering a money laundering scheme involving the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. We witness the depth Mazur had to go to gain the trust of several high-profile people and the threat that lays upon exposing his own true identity. The movie is certainly not an action film though it has its moments.

Bryan Cranston, as always, is stellar in captivating the audience with each scene. Even if there is no dialogue, every emotion is felt in each scene. One of the best thing I’ve been able to experience was to watch Cranston work his magic on set. He is truly an artist.
Even though the weight of the entire movie rests on Cranston’s shoulders, mad credit goes to each of his costars as well like John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger. All the cast rounded out everything that made this movie worth to watch. John Leguizamo could garner an oscar nom for best supporting.

What the film runs into is probably some narrative splits. There’s a sense of missing pieces, even though enough was told to solidify the ending and give us the story of the ordeal, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could be missing throughout the real story of Mazur. Nevertheless, it is easily overlooked, again by the stellar cast.

In my honest Noble opinion, this is well worth the view. Keep in mind, this isn’t a summer blockbuster type thrill. It is a character piece made for adults who appreciate the value that strong acting can bring. And you can take it to the bank Cranston will bring it every time.


Featured image courtesy of Broad Green Pictures and Good Films.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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