All female led team of Ghostbusters hits the big screen this weekend amid fairly positive professional critic reviews and low fan reviews. There has been a lot of scrutiny concerning the reboot especially from fans of the original. I personally had no issues with an all female team lead, and the four leads carried the film well enough.
As a stand-alone film, Ghostbusters holds enough on its own, but pales in comparison to the original. It’s a hard act to follow. There’s quite a bit of nods that an optimistic fan should appreciate and considering the original cast minus the late Harol Remis made their cameos to give volume to this movie. There’s some good laughs as to be expected even if the plot is very predictable.
Probably what stood out to me the most was Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth takes the role of an incredibly dumb office assistant to the crew, even though he doesn’t get the purpose of answering the phone. We know he has comedic chops as he’s been given small roles in past recent films like last year’s Vacation, so he’s given a chance to bring range to his vast onscreen persona.
Overall, amid all the updated special effects and modernizing the 80s take of the original, Ghostbusters is an ok film with plenty of laughs. It certainly won’t be a memorable staple of cinema other being known as a female team of Ghostbusters. But there’s potential for a franchise now that the ground works have been laid out. In my honest Noble opinion, if you’re just looking for some laughs and aren’t carrying some high expectations, Ghostbusters is a fun film to sit through.



Featured image courtesy of Sony Pictures

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

One thought on “Ghostbusters”

  1. Okay, that’s a fair and honest review but I’ll wait for it to come out on On Demand because I do like Melissa Mc carthy’s type of comedy. Thanks Tim!


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