Jason Bourne

Matt Damon has returned to the role that put him on the spotlight as a viable action star, Jason Bourne. Since the last one, Bourne Legacy, was a bit of a dud. Not that it was bad, but it couldn’t deliver the prowess of the Bourne Trilogy thus making it a forgettable film and a box office disappointment.

What made the Bourne trilogy fun and exciting to watch was that as we watch some incredible fight sequences, car chases, and solid action sets, we were riding along the journey of Bourne discovering himself after suffering a severe case of amnesia and realizing that he could kill someone with a pencil with ease. When Ultimatum came to end, Jason got all the answers, and so did we.

And here is where, in my honest opinion, Jason Bourne falters. Even though, there were pretty sweet action scenes. The car chase scene in Vegas spiked up the adrenaline rush. The story felt a bit rehashed. As if the writers had no other ideas. When the trilogy came to a complete, Jason learned everything about himself. And come to find out, there was a missing piece to the puzzle. And one particular information learned in Ultimatum (omitted for spoilers sake) was wrong. To me, it felt tacky and lazy. They couldn’t even come up with a name for the movie, just the title character.

Now, at this point I feel like I’m just trashing the film. It was enjoyable for what it was. I personally held up the Bourne trilogy to a high regard, and I guess I held up higher expectations and a sense of restoration from what they tried to do with the previous not Bourne/ Bourne movie. Just my honest Noble opinion.

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Star Trek Beyond

I have never been a true trekkie though I have always appreciated the influence Star Trek has and I have always respected the fandom behind it all. It wasn’t until J.J. Abrams took over and gave it a massive kick by not necessarily rebooting it but bringing back the original crew within a parallel universe. I believe they called it the Kelvin universe.

I watched the original Star Trek movie a few months ago for the first time because it was on Netflix and I had realized that even though I’ve been pretty caught up with all the films, I couldn’t remember anything about it. Maybe I have seen it. I just do not remember it. Anyways, what I can tell you now is that the original Star Trek is incredibly boring. Sorry trekkies, but the ship docking scene took way too long. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten up and used the restroom, washed my hands, gone to the kitchen, open the fridge, grab me a beer, and sat back down on the couch before the damn ship docked into the station. However, the movies do get better over time. And with the new movies, I’m definitely a fan.

Now, after kicking off two very successful and critically acclaimed Star Trek films, JJ Abrams passed on the directing chair to Justin Lin. Lin is known for taking the Fast and Furious franchise to the insanity that it is now after directing the fourth and producing the following two. And since Abrams (he still helped produce) moved on to Star Wars, Lin with the help of a great script written by Simon Pegg (Scotty) and a couple of others brings back the feel of what separated Star Trek from the other space adventure franchise. Actual space exploration.

It’s almost funny how the shift has gone from the first two to Beyond. Not that the two were bad, they were certainly fun and great films. Beyond actually feels like Star Trek. While the first two kept the USS Enterprise within Earth’s orbit, Beyond takes them… well… beyond. We meet new alien civilizations and alien threats while still keeping to the summer blockbuster rhythm that Abrams has given to the franchise.

Also, what makes Star Trek different is the purpose of unity in diversity. Every character is vastly different and yet they serve the needs of the crew. It’s something really hard to explain. Yes, Star Wars and other space opera films have their diversity. Star Trek was built on it. Case in point, the dynamics of Kirk and Spock and how each of them complete one another.

The cast is incredibly fun to watch as they nail their counterparts to the key. I especially like the new villain Krall played by the stellar Idris Elba. His voice and the way he carried himself makes me want to dive deeper into character acting. Also, the addition of Jaylah is a welcome sight as she helps the crew battle for their ship and their lives.

In my honest Noble opinion, Star Trek Beyond is a perfect summer blockbuster film. I could go on about all the characters and highlight my favorite thing about them, but I have neither the time nor the desire to type it out. Just go see it. You’ll love it.

RIP Anton and Leonard Nemoy

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The Infiltrator

One of my most anticipated film of this year has been released a couple of weeks ago. (I apologize for the delay, had some incredible people come to visit and was unable to take the time to write this). I was highly excited because well one, I’m a huge fan of Bryan Cranston and two, I actually had an oppurtunity to play a background role in this movie. However, the scene I was in was evidently cut out. Probably due to time constraint.

If there’s anything to be said about this film is the performances of the leads, and especially the face of the film Bryan Cranston. The Infiltrator is a character piece delving into the psyche of the main character Robert Mazur, an undercover agent responsible for uncovering a money laundering scheme involving the infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. We witness the depth Mazur had to go to gain the trust of several high-profile people and the threat that lays upon exposing his own true identity. The movie is certainly not an action film though it has its moments.

Bryan Cranston, as always, is stellar in captivating the audience with each scene. Even if there is no dialogue, every emotion is felt in each scene. One of the best thing I’ve been able to experience was to watch Cranston work his magic on set. He is truly an artist.
Even though the weight of the entire movie rests on Cranston’s shoulders, mad credit goes to each of his costars as well like John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger. All the cast rounded out everything that made this movie worth to watch. John Leguizamo could garner an oscar nom for best supporting.

What the film runs into is probably some narrative splits. There’s a sense of missing pieces, even though enough was told to solidify the ending and give us the story of the ordeal, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could be missing throughout the real story of Mazur. Nevertheless, it is easily overlooked, again by the stellar cast.

In my honest Noble opinion, this is well worth the view. Keep in mind, this isn’t a summer blockbuster type thrill. It is a character piece made for adults who appreciate the value that strong acting can bring. And you can take it to the bank Cranston will bring it every time.


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All female led team of Ghostbusters hits the big screen this weekend amid fairly positive professional critic reviews and low fan reviews. There has been a lot of scrutiny concerning the reboot especially from fans of the original. I personally had no issues with an all female team lead, and the four leads carried the film well enough.
As a stand-alone film, Ghostbusters holds enough on its own, but pales in comparison to the original. It’s a hard act to follow. There’s quite a bit of nods that an optimistic fan should appreciate and considering the original cast minus the late Harol Remis made their cameos to give volume to this movie. There’s some good laughs as to be expected even if the plot is very predictable.
Probably what stood out to me the most was Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth takes the role of an incredibly dumb office assistant to the crew, even though he doesn’t get the purpose of answering the phone. We know he has comedic chops as he’s been given small roles in past recent films like last year’s Vacation, so he’s given a chance to bring range to his vast onscreen persona.
Overall, amid all the updated special effects and modernizing the 80s take of the original, Ghostbusters is an ok film with plenty of laughs. It certainly won’t be a memorable staple of cinema other being known as a female team of Ghostbusters. But there’s potential for a franchise now that the ground works have been laid out. In my honest Noble opinion, if you’re just looking for some laughs and aren’t carrying some high expectations, Ghostbusters is a fun film to sit through.



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