Finding Dory

After 13 years since Pixar’s stunningly beautiful animated tale of a deep ocean adventure, Finding Nemo , I’m sitting in the theater seats staring down every toddler and adolescents hoping and pleading that they won’t bedistracting to a long-awaited sequel. Thankfully, at least to my knowledge, they were well-behaved. Finding Dory takes us a year after the daunting rescue across the ocean to find the son, Nemo, of a clown fish named Marlin. The world fell in love with an unforgettable blue tang fish with a severe short-term memory named Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. This time around, Dory, goes in searching for her lost parents.
Whereas Finding Nemo was all about the journey, Dory was more about the destination. The movie spent most of its time already at the location site of where Dory’s family may be, a marine rehabilitation facility. We meet several new and vibrant characters that helps Dory along the way. Hank the Octopus (Septopus), Destiny the near-sighted whale shark, Bailey the beluga whale, and a few others. There’s some great laughs from these characters as they help Dory navigate around the marine sanctuary.
One of Pixar’s many strengths is the incredibly stunning animation and extreme attention to details. Every frame, it seems, is taken with intricate care.
Another major strength is what brings Pixar several best animated feature wins at the academy and occasionally a nomination for best picture, which is the story. Being able to tackle real human issues and thrust them into an imaginative story (like last year’s Inside Out) and evoke conversations about how we as humans can relate with one another in the midst of whatever issue is presented is a powerful thing. With Finding Dory, the underlying heart is mental disorders and that is shown through Dory’s short-term memory loss.
I do have to say that even though Pixar has usually manage to evoke a tear or two out of me, (Inside Out nearly had me bawling) Finding Dory didn’t achieve that goal. Not that there weren’t emotional moments because there certainly were. I guess I came emotionally prepared. In my honest Noble opinion, Finding Dory is another great addition to an already impressive portfolio and well worth the watch, especially for Pixar fans. Be expecting this to be nominated for best animated feature in the next Academy Awards.


Featured image courtesy of Disney and Pixar.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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