Central Intelligence

Had it not been for Kevin Hart comedic chop and Dwayne the Rock Johnson huge charisma, this movie would be a forgettable action comedy. Hart actually toned down his comedic side to give the boost to the Rock who again shows why he’s the king of summer blockbusters. What makes Central Intelligence work is the chemistry between the two thus giving the audience some huge laughs. I laughed pretty much through the whole thing. It’s a comedy and that is ultimately what you will get. The over arching storyline is pretty much by the numbers, but the focus remains on the 2 leads. Hart settles down into a straight man type role but still goes into his fast talking comedian shtick while Johnson fully commits to his role of CIA agent while poking fun at himself. There’s a strong anti bullying message that resonates through the movie as well. In my honest Noble opinion, this is the summer blockbuster comedy worth seeing on the big screen.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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