Video games to movies in Hollywood has a bad track record, with the exception of a few “meh”. Duncun Jones, who has gained some attention through his directorial effort of both critically acclaimed, Moon (which I have not seen) and Source Code (which I have seen and quite enjoyed), was hoping to break that record and create a viable franchise. Upon the release of this news, I came into this movie with a bit of hope because I’m a big fan of fantasy movies, especially The Lord of the Rings. With the slight disappointment of the extremely bloated prequel of the Hobbit, I had high hopes for Warcraft. Maybe a little too high.
One of the things that Warcraft does well is creating incredibly stunning visuals. The amount of time they spent on polishing the CGI pays off really well. And with it gave a glimpse as to what World of Warcraft is all about. What the movie struggles in is story and character development. We jump from scene to scene with minor details as to who the characters are and we are left with little concern for the heroes as they fight against the orc army.
Now, I don’t believe Duncan Jones has broken the record of bad video game movies, but judging by the box office being smashed in China, we can probably expect sequels in the coming years. I really believe if the amount of attention given to the visuals would be the same to creating the story, we could have a huge hit. Warcraft is rich with potential.
I have only played the game World of Warcraft for about a month nearly 10 years ago through a free trial period. And while I enjoyed the world, the creatures, the species, armors and weapons, etc., playing the game was frustrating because all I did was die and have my stuff looted from me. Apparently, you need friends and people to play along side with to help you gain experience to strengthen the characters you create and I came in as a lone wolf, an inexperienced, unequipped, weak wolf. I digress. In my honest Noble opinion, Warcraft isn’t the worst video game movie, but it could use a lot of work, especially with the potential of being a huge franchise.


Featured image courtesy of Legendary Pictures.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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