X-men: Apocalypse

I have seen every X-men movie on the big screen with the exception of Xmen Origins: Wolverine, which I normally just write that out of my memory. Brian Singer brings us to movie 3 of the younger X-men saga. In this turnout, the team fights it out with world destroyer and famed xmen villain, Apocalypse. But the thing about Apocalypse, both movie and villain, is that there’s this feeling of done that, been there before predictability. It’s not to say Oscar Isaac didn’t do a good job because he did, even if his size differ from the comic version. But that there wasn’t much to work with. I’m finding that the success of the past xmen films seem to work when the narrative follows along with a focus character. The first two as well as Days of Future Past followed Wolverine while bringing characters in and out to further the story. First class followed Professor X and Magneto through the creation of the xmen team. While there may have been subplots, they never took away from the main storyline and if anything added volume. Apocalypse, on the other hand, jumps around characters without giving much depth. The actors did well enough with what they were given, but I, as an audience, felt a little bit shortchanged. With character introductions with Nightcrawler, Angel, Storm, etc, not much was delve into development. Instead,we are treated with a bloated action set. Now, I’m not saying this was an awful movie because it really wasn’t. I still had a bit of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. The Quicksilver rescue set was incredibly fun and Evan Peters should definitely get more screen time. I think what Jean Grey shared in the scene about discussing which Star Wars was the best one perfectly described this movie which may have been a jab at X3, “at least we can all agree, the 3rd one is always the worst.”


Featured image courtesy of Fox Pictures

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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