London Has Fallen

London takes a massive terrorist hit in this sequel 3 years after America gets its first hit at the White House in Olympus has Fallen. Gerald Butler and Aaron Eckhart reprise their roles as president protector and president on the run from terrorists on the streets of London. This is a loud, politically incorrect, xenophobic movie ripped from the fears of the far right conservatives. As far as actions go, there’s plenty of it, and plenty of body counts to boot. The cast carries their roles well and Butler can definitely kick ass enough to make a name for himself among the great ass kickers of film. But, that is not enough for this brash action thriller. There’s a lot of eye roll moments when it comes to the script. And when it came to use of CGI, it looked more like a low-budget cable tv movie. That’s just my honest Noble opinion. May be fun for a rental watch if you like loud action, but there are better options.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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