The Jungle Book

Vibrant spin to a timeless tale worthy for the whole family.

Disney’s live action adaptation of both the timeless animated fare and Rudyard Kipling’s tale (leaning more to the book) is a cinematic feast for the family. There’s nothing new to the tale for those who are familiar with it except for maybe a couple small twist. However Jon Favreau gives us a fresh, exciting, and vibrant spin to the classic story.

What was probably the most impressive aspect of The Jungle Book was the perfect blend of incredibly well-done CGI and live action. Making the animals come alive with strong human characteristics but still being the animals that they are is a testament to how far our technology has come, and along with the CGI animals and environment we get a child actor in which we follow his journey through the jungle.

Neel Sethi takes the role of Mowgli and owns it with powerful innocence. There’s a particular scene in which I thought perfectly captured this “innocence” ¬†and to keep the spoilers to a minimum, I’ll just say there’s a cherished and classic moment that Mowgli has with Baloo the bear voiced by Bill Murray. Speaking of stellar voice cast, Idris Elba voices one of the most menacing villain to grace the big screen. I could go a bit on each of the voices, but I’ll just leave it at “they were all fantastic” and they really were. The whole movie is great for the whole family, though there are a couple moments that may be a little intense for the little ones with Shere Kahn, Kaa the massive python, and even massive King Louie the orangutan voiced by Christopher Walkins is a bit intimidating. There’s a great SNL easter egg that I completely missed until literally just before writing this. So kudos to those who caught it. So in my honest Noble opinion, this is what going to see a movie at the theaters is about. Go see The Jungle Book.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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