I know it’s a little late to bring this review, but, I had a free redbox code and saw this at one of the kiosk and I have been meaning to catch it. Especially after hearing the outcry of Will Smith being snubbed for the best actor nomination. Now that I have seen it, I don’t know if i would say snubbed in the sense of outrage like some people but I can say Will Smith could have earned it. It’s such a hard thing to do to choose 5 best actors out of many tremendous films. (Leo would have still won it for me) Concussion rests entirely on Smith’s performance and He carries it well. Nailing the character of Nigerian born Doctor Bennet Omalu down to the accent. I want to see more of Smith performing to this kind of caliber.
Concussion reminds me a lot of Spotlight but instead of a team exposing the dirt of the catholic church sex scandal, we have pretty much one man exposing the dirt of the NFL and their treatment of the players with CTE, a deadly brain damage caused by extreme contact in football. It’s a fascinating story and had me thinking my position on the NFL as it is my favorite sport to watch. I’m saddened by the loss of players who commit suicides because of the pain they deal with years after playing, like Junior Seau who I remember hearing a lot about when he committed suicide. Unaware though, that it was linked to CTE. The film as whole is a good movie, but it doesn’t drive down the hammer you feel it should like Spotlight did. Probably why the movie itself was kept out of the oscar bid. Nevertheless, its out on Blu-ray and redbox. Go check it out when you can. #cosigned


Featured image copyrighted by 2015 Columbia Pictures

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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