Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

When they released the first epic teaser for Batman v Superman, every geek dna fiber in my body exploded with excitement. Actually, when the news broke out as Ben Affleck being casted as the Bat, the internet exploded, mostly with discontent. I’ll admit, at first i was a little concerned. It’s not that I doubted Affleck’s acting, cause he proved his chops in the past few years with films like Argo and Gone Girl. So, I knew he could show us Bruce Wayne, but Batman? I wasn’t so sure. Then the first picture came and blew up the internet, followed by the teaser trailer. And while each tease got more revealing, I gave Batfleck a benefit of a doubt and believed he could do it. Now, Batman v. Superman has come and I’m blown away. I thought Affleck was phenomenal. And not only did he play the part, he sure as hell looked it too. But i can’t give too much credit to Affleck as I should give them to Zack Snyder, the man behind the entire DC film slate. He is the mastermind at crafting Batman borrowing heavy from Frank Miller’s work The Dark Knight. Henry Cavill definitely looked more comfortable as Superman in his second turnout after Man of Steel. It’s impressive to see a change in tone as we see actors get settled into their roles and make it believable. Cavill has officially become the face of Superman, just like Christopher Reeves was over 30 years ago. Another fantastic and surprisingly very impressive cast is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I can’t iterate how much I loved seeing her smirk after getting knocked down in the climatic fight scene. I understand what Snyder was doing in bringing a somewhat different Lex Luthor than the one we are used to. In the past, we have seen portrayals of Luthor as an older character, like in 40s and on. Someone with years of experience that made him into the billionaire business mogul that is hell-bent on tearing down the image of Superman. Now, in reflection of our society, the mogul can be a young adult like Mark Zuckerberg, a multi billionaire. Having that perspective, it seemed appropriate to cast known fast quirky talker, Jesse Eisenberg, who, incidentally played Zuckerberg in oscar nominated best picture, The Social Network. Though, I’m not sure it works for here. I thought his quirky antics reminded me more of Joker than a business mogul mastermind, I digress. The main issue with BvS is that it has a very sluggish first half. Narratively speaking, the process of getting to the third act was horrendous. It just was. There were moments as to where I had absolutely no idea what was going on. And do we really need to explore Bruce Wayne’s origin again? A few clunky dialogues from time to time from the other characters. Also, some scenes just felt unnecessarily long, like the apocalyptic vision. I get what Snyder was going for, but for sake of fluidity, cut some parts out. I really did enjoy this film, I thought the trinity were spot on, and cant wait to see the additional team members in the future Justice League. Zack Snyder’s DC cinematic version is the best version of Batman to date. We got to see his “world’s greatest detective”, his uses of his bat-gadgets and bat-vehicles with all of its gadget, and more that I can’t think to write. Batman vs Superman is not a perfect film, but it’s definitely worth seeing it on the big screen. I think real fans of the actual comics and not just what they know from the Nolan trilogy will love the new Batman. #cosigned

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”

  1. I loved Ben Affleck as Batman (in spite of his intent to murder Superman) but I’m still not feeling Cavill as Superman. I guess I’m old, but I like my Superman likable. Lots of good nerd candy in this film though, but I agree with you, the plot is a mess. Keep the posts coming!


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