Batman V Superman Review

As spoiler free as possible I’m going to write my first film review for Batman V Superman.

If I can ever see a Batman project (film, show, or video game) without seeing the death of his parents I will give it an automatic co-sign. There is only so many times you can see Batman’s parents get shot and him fall into a hole. This time the movie starts with a slow-motion version of the murder that sparked the Knight. I did like how Mrs. Wayne’s pearls broke off her necklace, not sure if I have seen it depicted that way but it was an artistic spin. I didn’t like how Bruce escaped the cave that he fell into where he faces his biggest fear. This scene is no longer needed nor does it provide a sense of sadness or evoke the same emotion from audience as it used too. I’m sure not one person doesn’t know Batman’s origins and if they don’t the film can talk about in conversation and not show it over and over. Bruce can tell someone, or they can find a new article or something but not waste so much time retelling the same origin.

The new actors this time were hit and miss. Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman is such a beautiful actress and was amazing in the Fast and Furious franchise. She got an amazing amount if flack for her size, “she lacks the muscle, the tone, etc.” That may be a little true, she looked rather skinny but I saw Wonder Women watching her play the role. Ben Affleck as Batman is another one that received hate not only for his look but due to past role as Daredevil. I think he did great, I look forward to seeing an old Batman get progressively older with all these connected films coming out in the future. The big miscast was Lex Luther. Everyone is saying that Jesse Eisenberg is super annoying in this role. It’s not that, he usually plays that type of awkward, fast talking role. That’s the point, he isn’t doing anything new! I really thought at the end of the movie they would say his name was Lex Luther Jr and his dad was the real mastermind. He didn’t look like him with or without hair, he didn’t sound like Lex should sound. He didn’t act like Lex is known to be. Lex Luther is an ego maniac and this Lex wasn’t. Alfred seems cool, younger than usual, but he at least sounds and acts like Alfred should. Doomsday, was all CGI, but I really didn’t see anything too bad with it. What else could they do? Have an actor wear a costume? Change the look of the character completely? He is a huge adversary for Superman and for them to use him so early in the franchise and for such a pivotal plot point makes me excited for what bigger, badder, bad guys they have in the future.

The fighting with the two title characters was good. We have seen super heroes fight multiple times in Avengers, and X-Men, etc. It was good, no one ever really wins or loses those fights. The last fight was about the full last hour of the film. That was decent. I’m glad they took inspiration from Dark Knight Rises but they didn’t end the film the way that comic, and animated film, ended.

The movie was long, had scenes full of action but had a lot of slow, wordy moments setting up situations. It was really two films in one. In the first scene you see what Batman is doing, second scene you see what Superman is doing, etc. It wasn’t 3 hours of action, the last hour overshadowed the previous fight scenes. The crowd laughed maybe once the whole film, at the end. Many foreshadowing jokes and nods but don’t expect this film to be a laugh fest. The heroes spent most of time as alter ego, almost like it was Bruce v Clark not Batman v Superman.

You get cameos from a few of the league but not enough for some of the advertisements to be focused on them.

I, Christopher Yambo, co-sign this film as it is the start of a new book of DC live action films. It made its share of mistakes, but it isn’t unwatchable. It is long but it really was an attempt to lay the ground work for the franchise. You saw scenes from your favorite comics but it isn’t a full Dark Knight Returns film, no mutant gang, etc. The ending was extended from the comic but wasn’t how the comic ended which leaves it open for a few possibilities in the future to branch out. I didn’t agree with some of the casting but it was a decent film. Not one I recommend to re-watch 100 times as a feel good film but I’m looking at it as more to come and not as one and done. If it was to be a standalone, it left a little to be desired but that’s when we get into spoiler territory. The main team up could’ve been longer, but we will get that in Justice League. That’s why you have to think of this film as a stepping stone and not the whole flight of stairs.

Do not, I repeat do not wait for an end of movie clip, you won’t get any and the credits were as long as last fight scene!


[You will be getting a Timothy Noble review but I just wanted to write one as well in my style of writing, since i got to watch the Thursday screening, so expect his review some time this weekend]

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