10 Cloverfield Lane

This “sequel” to the J.J. Abrams produced Cloverfield was a cinematic experience. The suspense increases with ferocious intensity as we unfold the mystery of a girl involved in a car accident awakens in an underground bunker with two men, locked in and unable to leave. It’s a slow burn type film built around dialogues so don’t expect much intense action, at least not at first. I’ll also mention that John Goodman is incredible. He delivers each scene with such captivation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he garnered an Oscar nomination. Sure that may be way early to call but why not. This is the kind of movie to see in the theater. The sound effects is incredible and draws you in each second. Go see this if you can. It’s pg13 but thematic materials may be a bit much for younger ones. #cosigned

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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