The Merc with the Mouth finally gets his big screen debut and fans rejoice, because this is Deadpool. Not that sewed mouth crap we got at the end of wolverines origins, which this film gloriously pokes fun at amongst pretty much everything superhero related. It is clear the makers of the film took extreme care to cater to the source material and by listening to the fans. Ryan Reynolds fits the red suit perfectly and into the role that was made for him. This is a great directorial debut for Tim Miller who comes from working with special effects. There is not a single dull moment in this movie. The opening credits is glorious and perfect. The narrative is pretty simple and somewhat typical as this is an origin story, but that is kind of the point as Deadpool makes fun of origin stories. As stated by pretty much all critics, this is not for kids. The language is vulgar, tons of crude jokes, violence is not tamed, and a couple of naughty scenes. Regardless of your feelings on an R rated superhero flick, this is true to the source as stated by the creator, Rob Liefeld, and with a stamp of approval from Marvel creator Stan Lee. Keep the kids home and have a good laugh. Consigned instantly from the opening credits. I actually may go see this again.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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