Steve Jobs


Within a half an hour of Danny Boyle’s wonderfully and artfully directed picture straight from the screenplay of Aaron Sorkin, my first thought was that Leonardo DiCaprio has some competition in the best actor race at the Academy Awards with Michael Fassbender. Although, I still think Leo will win. Set backstage at 3 major product launches of Steve Jobs ending with the famed unveiling of the sleek iMac, Boyle masterfully weaves intricate relationships and emotions surrounding both Steve Jobs life and work, and those involved.  Michael Fassbender is outstanding, capturing the enigmatic CEO, delivering each line with perfection, and having a stellar supporting cast especially Kate Winslet to dialogue with that which
makes each scene captivating. It’s interesting that Leonardo DiCaprio was originally selected to play this role but dropped out for The Revenant. Personally I think the Oscar’s could have added one more film to the best picture category and it’s Steve Jobs. Cosigned immediately, go see this when you can. It’s a bicycle for the mind.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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