Deadpool, rated R…. R for … reasons

It seems people have a love hate relationship with superhero flicks. They hate them because there is always superhero movies coming out; this year has at least 6. Or if you are like me, you can’t wait for all of them. And kicking off this year’s run is Deadpool. Fans have waited for a live action version of the famed wise cracking, 4th wall breaking Merc with the Mouth, especially with the huge disappointment with X-men Origins: Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson is, arguably, the only good part of Origins until they butchered him at the end for the climax.(Sorry for spoilers, but the movie sucked so don’t waste your time.) Then over a year ago, we got a test footage of Reynolds donning the red suit and kicking ass while making one liners jokes and the fans went crazy. Finally, the Deadpool we wanted. The footage green lit the film for a full production and now 2 weeks away, Deadpool arrives at the cineplex.

However, Deadpool is stirring up a bit of controversy because of the R rating, and from what I read about it, a very hard R. Simply put, this movie is not for kids, and that makes parents upset. The most common backlash on Twitter is superheroes and comic books are for kids. I have to argue that, not all of them are. Some have been made into films others are still waiting to be greenlit. Films like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass, 300, The Watchmen, Punisher, Blade, Sin City, etc. All R rated films adapted from mature rated comics and graphic novels. Even Batman has an animated movie coming out which is being adapted from the Killing Joke, a rated mature graphic novel. The film has been greenlit to be rated R. Personally, to be true to the source of what the Killing Joke is, an R rated is fitting due to its dark nature.


A couple of weeks ago some folks got an early surprise screening of Deadpool and one of those in attendance was the creator of Deadpool himself, artist/writer Rob Liefeld. Rob was ecstatic about seeing his creation on-screen. He called it the “best version of Deadpool”. Click here for more. The point of bringing up Rob Liefeld is that he believes the R rated films version is the best version of his work. That may not be the best argument against the idea that superheroes and comics are created for kids and the movies should support that idea. Only that not everyone believes this to be so.


I can sympathize with the idea that Deadpool as opposed to the other characters mentioned above in the list of mature rated comic books is a little more well-known to the younger audience as he has made appearances in the Avengers and Spiderman cartoon series. Though I have to say, even though he may not have caused any bloodshed nor does he use any language in the kids shows for obvious reasons, he is still true to his nature. He passes off killing people like it’s a joke.

Could they have settled for a PG13 for the kids, sure but true comic fans know that it wouldn’t do him justice. So I’d like to propose an idea that may satisfy both those who want to keep it rated R and those who want it to be suitable for the whole  family. First keep the original version rated R. Then, for the PG13, dub over the naughty words with silly words like chimichangas, book, etc. And during the naughty scenes, literally replace those scenes with random kid friendly sketches featuring Deadpool. Like maybe an infomercial about a chimichanga maker. That actually may make those who watch the R version want to see this version just for kicks and giggles. Sound off below your thoughts. In case you haven’t seen and are curious on just how bad it could be, here is the Red Band NSFW trailer.


That brings up another thought, which perhaps can be discussed in the comment section(please be civil), have we as society become so desensitized to violence, sex, and other mature themes? What are your thoughts what’s even allowed in a rated R film and societies adjustment to accept these kind of things?

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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