Ludicrous 6, the usual affairs of Adam Sandler


I don’t know anyone today who doesn’t have Netflix. And thanks to Netflix I was able to catch up to some of the best shows on tv as I didn’t have cable or satellite access for a while. Shows like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Office, Parks and Recreation and so on. Along with a wide selection of movies from b-flicks to award-winning classics. A few years ago, Netflix started to produce their own series and now, full length feature films. Which brings me to Ridiculous 6.
And ridiculous it was, but if you enjoy Adam Sandler’s usual flicks on immaturity, bathroom jokes, and everything else adolescent boys laugh at, then Ridiculous 6 is just for you. It’s not completely awful as there were some shining moments and sometimes I couldn’t help but to laugh at the stupidity. Blake Shelton as Wyatt Earp was actually funny. Vanilla Ice as Mark Twain…. not so much. Terry Crews probably stood out to me the most. I kept wondering if he was out of work that he had to accept playing in this flick. And Taylor Lautner was just flat-out annoying. I get he was playing a mental handicapped person, but this was borderline insulting. Then again, it is an Adam Sandler movie and that’s 2 and half hours I’ll never get back.
So for those netflixers out there, I’d avoid Ridiculous 6 and opt for Beast of No Nation, or just binge on some good series like Orange is the New Black or Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I do not cosign for this, I’ve yet to cosign for any of Sandler’s movie for that matter.

Author: Timothy Noble

Actor, movie buff, and living life to the fullest.

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